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High school and college are both exciting and transformative experiences, but they certainly aren’t easy. To further complicate matters, you are growing and developing, which means you are learning new things about yourself. To define your path forward you need to connect with why academic success is important to you. Only then will your experience become personal, and thus meaningful to your future.

Our student success coaching programs are focused on empowering you with the skills needed to be academically successful. This includes everything from long and short term goal setting, finding and accessing student support services, developing a support network, building an individualized time management strategy, and creating a tool kit of study skills!

In order to begin every student starts with a FREE 30 minute consultation. This conversation helps us accomplish a few goals. First we need to get to know one another–it is the only way to build a trusting relationship. Second, we will identify which services will most support your needs. 

Making the most of your school year can be challenging because there are so many directions you could go. In this program we will help you set some manageable short and long term goals as well as identify actions steps you can take. We will also schedule a post-goal setting check-in appointment to see how you are doing. ($499)

Being a successful student has as much to do with your “student skills” as it does your knowledge. At the end of the day hard work DOES pay off! This program, in addition to helping you set goals, will guide you towards building a personalized time management strategy and developing a handful of study strategies suited to your strengths. ($999)

This coaching program covers it all! Goal setting, time management strategies, study strategies, building your school network, and monthly 30-minute coaching sessions. This comprehensive program provides you the opportunity to further explore and understand your experience–celebrating successes and learning from challenges. ($2,999)

In times when our 3 tiered programs do not offer exactly what you need, we have you covered. In fact, this is not a problem, it’s an opportunity! After our 30 minute consultation, we can offer you a personalized coaching solution that matches your needs. ($150/hr)


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