College Admission Counseling

College admission is an incredible adventure. A journey that takes you on many different twists and turns. The journey starts with understanding why you want to go to college. From there its about using the appropriate tools and strategies to find and apply to colleges and universities that will support you in achieving those goals and dreams.

For those reasons, Read’s Corner college admission counseling programs are focused on fit. Schools that are a good fit are ones whose academic and extracurricular offerings will set you up for achieving your own goals and dreams. In order to support your college admission journey we are fully prepared to help you define fit for yourself, create a college admission plan, craft a balanced college list, and write compelling essays!

In order to begin every student and family starts with a FREE 30 minute consultation. This conversation helps us accomplish a few goals. First we need to get to know one another–it is the only way to build a trusting relationship. Second, we will identify which services will most support your needs. 

The personal statement and supplemental essays offer students the chance to express their uniqueness by sharing personal stories not shared elsewhere in their application. Any of the three packages below guide students in reflecting on their personal growth through high school AND then writing about it in a compelling way! All packages include unlimited revisions and feedback–we are done when you feel it’s done!

  1. PREMIUM: Support in brainstorming, crafting, and editing ALL essays for every school a student is applying to (personal statement, supplemental essays, etc.). ($1,500)
  2. MID: Support brainstorming crafting, and editing the personal statement and supplemental essays for 2 schools. ($1,000)
  3. BASIC: Support brainstorming, crafting, and editing the personal statement. ($650)

Finding the right schools is all about using a filter that is personalized to you. In this program we use the process of telling your story to help you define your fit. We will help you narrow down the important elements of schools you want to apply to, then help you find schools that meet that criteria. By the end of this program you will have 1 completed personal statement, a detailed list of criteria students can use to find schools to apply to, and a draft balanced college list. ($1,700)

This is a full-fledged and comprehensive college counseling program. Here I will support you in writing your essay, defining your fit, drafting a list of schools, applying to schools, and making the final decision, and anything else you need to successfully complete your journey. ($4,800)

In times when the packaged services do not offer exactly what you need, I have you covered. In fact, this is not a problem, it’s an opportunity! After your FREE 30 minute consultation, I can offer you a personalized solution that best matches your needs. ($150/hr) 

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