Through individualized one-on-one support, Read’s Corner will bring its wealth of knowledge and experience to bear for you. Our college admission counseling and student success programs use a collaborative approach. This ensures we understand your needs, goals, and aspirations. It is only then that we can draft a personalized plan to support your success on your path to and through college.

College Admission Counseling

Read’s Corner college admission counseling programs are focused on fit. We want you to attend a school whose academic and extracurricular offerings will support your goals and dreams. This includes understanding how to find colleges that are the right fit, creating a college admission plan, crafting a balanced college list, and writing awesome college essays! Everyone receives a FREE 30 minute consultation so we may understand your needs and support your success.

Student Success Coaching

Our student success coaching programs empower students with the skills needed to realize their academic success. Everyone starts with a FREE 30 minute consultation where we can learn about what your greatest challenges are! From there we will help you craft a personalized academic success plan. Our programs include everything from long and short term goal setting, understanding how to find student support services (and using them), developing a network of individuals you can rely on for support, building a individualized time management strategy, and creating a tool kit of study skills!


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