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Campus visits are a great way to get a feel for a school’s physical space, student culture, and the surrounding community. When we say “campus visit” immediately people think about taking a plane, train or automobile to go see a college campus.

Yes IT can be that. It can also include college fairs and meeting admission representatives at your high school. See, not everyone has the means, ability, or time to travel to a college campus and admission offices know this. That’s why they spend several months out of the year traveling around the country (and globe) to see you. Some schools even offer programs for low-income students to visit!

With that in mind, there are some simple steps you can take to maximize your visit experience, no matter how you are doing it. Here are my #quicktips:

1. Set it up!

Whether you are going to a campus or attending a college fair, figure out the dates and times of your visit. If you are going to a campus go to the admission website for their tour and information schedule and to schedule your visit. If you are meeting a rep at your high school or at a college fair, check with your school counselor for dates and times.

2. Get your questions ready!

It’s important to figure out what you want out of your college experience. Use it as a driving force to identify what information you want to know and the questions you want to ask.

3. Go visit!

When the day of your visit comes, be ready to take full advantage of the experience. Bring your camera, bring your notebook, bring your questions, and bring your positive energy.

4. Reflect!

After your conversations, tour, and/or information session take time to process everything you learned. After a college fair or visiting multiple colleges back-to-back, all the information will start to blend together, so it is important to process the experience. Ponder about what you learned and how you felt.

Of course I am here to help! Contact me today so we can talk about your campus visit needs. Now, let’s get you out there to visit!


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