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College is expensive! I know, I know, this isn’t anything revelatory, though it is true. That doesn’t mean that a college education is completely out of your financial reach. Here are some resources to help you get started on figuring out how to bridge the cost gap.

Net Price Calculator

When we think about financial aid, our immediate focus is on funds awarded by the federal government, state government, and school itself. The tricky thing is, it is hard to know if a student qualifies without filling out all the forms and applying. That is until schools started (ahem…were legally required to use…ahem, cough, cough) using net price calculators. This tool provides students with a sense of what school and government aid they might qualify for. Check out The College Board’s page for more details.

How To Fill Out The FAFSA


How to Fill Out The CSS Profile

The CSS Profile is an additional financial aid application form many (~400 or so) private colleges require. Check out this helpful “How To” page from The College Board to learn more about completing the CSS Profile.

How to Search For Scholarships

There are a handful of scholarship search databases available these days. From my experience, one isn’t better than the other as they all do about the same thing. The site that has existed the longest is, and it is the one I suggest the most. That said any of the databases will be helpful! Complete a personal profile, and their search algorithm will help you find scholarships that are a good fit for you!


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