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A key to strengthening your college admission strategy is taking advantage of early application deadlines. Whether it be priority, early action, or early decision this can be a helpful tool in strategically positioning yourself for success in the application process. It’s true that colleges use many different approaches with early deadlines, so it’s important to know the process for each school on your list. With that said it is an excellent way to accomplish a number goals which are helpful to you.

Goal 1: show your interest

To this day schools still factor your interest in attending into their decision. Expressed interest can help tip the scales in your favor. Applying by an early deadline is one of the ways you can show that interest. It’s an action that shows the school it is one of your top choices.

Goal 2: get one done

Think about the last time you accomplished a task. Did you feel good? If you did then applying early is a great to feel that way again. Your college admission journey is riddled with a lot of tasks and challenges. Applying to a small number (even if it’s only one) of schools on your list gets that task DONE! Let the feeling of accomplishment commence!

Goal 3: know the decision

One of the other perks to applying early is that you get the school’s decision early. That is extraordinarily valuable information! To learn more about the different decision please check out my post on applying early and getting decisions early. The reason this is valuable is because if you have been accepted you can choose to continue applying or decide to stop. If you haven’t been accepted then you now know you need to make adjustments to your application strategy and attack your school work even harder.

Like with everything in the process there are some caveats. For instance, applying early may be helpful in housing assignments; however, you might not find out about financial aid until the spring time; early decision is binding, where as early action is non-binding. I could go on, but the point here is to be sure you do your research. Ask questions, research admission webpages, talk with your school counselor, and reach out to Read’s Corner!

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