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Read’s Corner provides comprehensive educational consulting to guide students to and through college so they may go onto lead fulfilling lives.  We specialize in supporting students and families in pursuing a post-secondary education at 4-year colleges and universities that are the right fit. We believe that by listening intently to students we can understand their uniqueness. This understanding, combined with exercising compassion and empathy, becomes paramount to supporting students on their journey.

As a student centered company, our vision is to empower students with the knowledge and skills needed so they may realize their success in high school, college, and beyond.

Meet Your Coach

Immediately upon graduating from college in 2006 Evan Read began working directly with students and families on navigating the college admission process. Having worked in college admission, college access, and student affairs, he knows how to be a strong guide for a very confusing voyage.

He prioritizes the student’s needs while offering a detailed roadmap of what one might meet along the way.  Whether it be admission or student success coaching, Evan has got you covered.

Evan really helped us hone my student’s essay so that both her personality and her dedication to academics shone through. His thorough understanding of the college admission process and what admissions professionals look for in applicants helped thoughtfully guide us through the entire college application process.

A. Tenney Parent

Read's Corner is an excellent choice for college essay assistance. I really appreciated the feedback that I got on my essays, and their willingness to work around my opinions and the parts of my writing that I wanted to shine through. They will work with you to ensure you have the best possible chances, while preserving your original ideas and writing.

J.R. Student

Based on your guidance my son applied to two early action colleges that we also visited - Temple and Virginia Tech. He already heard from Temple and was accepted so that really motivated him to apply to some of the other colleges you helped him find and add to his list. Thank you for all your help through the selection process and essay preparation - we really appreciate it!

M. Gudger Parent

Honestly, the experience was nothing short of a blessing on so many levels. Evan formed a relationship as he worked with our son and really took the time to get to know him. I firmly believe that this made all the difference in how he was able to form ideas for his college essays. Our son came away from the experience feeling very proud of his work and confident of his strategies for the application process. Evan held him accountable to a schedule and brought his ideas to life without doing the work for him. It relieved so much stress as parents to know he had a third party weighing in. Even as additional essays were added to the list, Evan was willing to continue his work with him and was flexible with scheduling. I am certain we would not have seen our son's level of commitment without Evan. He is motivating, relatable and enthusiastic which is exactly what a teenager needs during this time in life.

D.G. Parent

Evan was very helpful when assisting me with my essay, when I started off not knowing what to write about he helped me come up with ideas through his socratic method and made sure I was completing assignments to better my work! What I liked most was how Evan always was very flexible with me. For example, usually I would try to get as much work done during a week, however if I had no time that week to work on my essay, Evan would help me brainstorm and we would work on the essays during our meeting. It was a very flexible experience and I enjoyed that because it helped me get my work done even if I needed some assistance.

L.A. Student

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